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Code of Conduct


COACH: The coach’s first responsibility is to the players. When the team is selected the coach will promptly notify each player on the team. The coach may ask any parent to become an assistant coach, but he retains all responsibility for the team. The coach is responsible to set practices, scrimmages, tournaments, as required to insure a successful season. The Coaches objective will be to help all players learn the fundamentals of fastpitch softball and develop to their fullest potential. This will require players to practice often and require playing time in league games at 10 & Under and 12 & Under to be equally split among all players. Coaches must act responsibly and carry on the traditions of good sportsmanship. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in removal of a coach.

PLAYER: The player’s first responsibility is to the team, she must attend practice to play, and follow the rules of the team. Players should be reminded that they represent our community and should do so with pride and good sportsmanship.

PARENTS: Parents should ensure that their daughters are on time for practices and games, unless there is a valid excuse. Parents should attend all games if possible, and exhibit good sportsmanship. Parents who exhibit flagrant, unsportsmanlike conduct toward board members, umpires, coaches, players, or other parents will be required to stay away from games.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Handling of questions, concerns and problems will always be first done on the team level. There must be an interaction between the player/parent and the coach before the situation can be raised to board level. The ZFA Board will consider those situations brought to their attention and will handle disputes and take corrective action. If a problem can‘t be solved on the team level, a written request for action shall be signed by the coach, player and/or parent and be delivered to the President of the association, and copies of the request will be distributed to all parties involved. The President of the association (with board approval) must meet with the concerned parties and provide a response to the coach, player and parent in a timely manner.