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Tryout Process

Tryout on 3/12/2023

Tryouts were completed on 3/12/23. 


Travel teams and 8u teams have been posted to the site as of 3/14/23. 


Tryouts and Playing up



  Association policy is as follows. 

Girls will be allowed to play up one age level ONLY if their playing ability warrants it AND the number of players registered for the older & younger age groups will allow it.

 Age-appropriate players will NOT be denied a playing opportunity to allow a younger girl to play up an age level.

We like to have the teams with between 10 and 13 players, however, the number of players at each level and the tryouts dictate where the players are going to play. 


Age Groups for 2023 season.

The age rule is the most sacred rule we have. Your "Softball Age" is determined by subtracting your birthdate from December 31, 2022. Do not bother asking if your over aged player can play down in an age group.

 The age rules are for 2023.


NOTE: If you turn 19 in 2023, you are eligible to play 18-Under Softball.

AGE GROUP 18-Under 16-Under 14-Under 12-Under 10-Under 8-Under
2004 Birth Year X          
2005 Birth Year X          
2006 Birth Year X X        
2007 Birth Year X X        
2008 Birth Year X X X      
2009 Birth Year X X X      
2010 Birth Year X X X X    
2011 Birth Year X X X X    
2012 Birth Year X X X X X  
2013 Birth Year X X X X X  
2014-2023 Birth Years X X X X X X