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    Picture Days May 23rd and May 24th.

    We will be doing team photos on May 23rd and 24th.  We will post what time your team will be scheduled for when we get closer. 

    Photos will be being done by Studio H Photography again this year.  


    6:30pm  10U Navy- Tucker

    6:45pm 10u Columbia-Strege

    7:00pm  14U Navy- Ackerman


    6:00pm  8u Navy Anderson

    6:15pm  8U Columbia Houle

    6:30pm 6u Navy Nardinger

    6:45pm 12U Columbia Youngs

    7:00pm  12U Navy Polly


    Coaches have been emailed a flyer that would need to be filled out prior to arrival with what picture package you would like.  Please have this filled out prior to getting there as they slot 15 minutes for each team for pictures.  

    Nights of Play.

    • 8-Under Wednesday.

    • 10-Under Tuesday and Thursday. Thursday games do not start until June.

    • 12-Under Monday and Wednesday.

    • 14-Under Tuesday and Thursday.

    • 16-Under Monday and Wednesday.

    • 18-Under Tuesday and Thursday.

    Age Groups for 2022 season.

    Age Eligibility Table

    The age rule is the most sacred rule we have. Your "Softball Age" is determined by subtracting your birthdate from December 31, 2021. 

    Fall Ball is meant to be preparatory softball for the next season. The age rules are for 2022.

    Birth Year                              Age Level

    2016 or 2015                         6u

    2014 or 2013                         8U

    2012 or 2011                         10u

    2010 or 2009                         12u

    2008 or 2007                          14u 

    2006 or 2005                           16u




    • Big West Director Meeting - January 10 - 7:00PM at Medina Entertainment Center (Zoom Option Available)
    • Big West Coaches Meeting - April 11
    • Big West 12U League Games Start - May 2
    • Big West 10U League Games Start - May 3
    • Big West 14U League Games Start - May 16
    • Big West 16U League Games Start - June 7
    • 10U/12U Qualifiers - June 24-26
    • 8U/10U/12U State - July 9-10
    • 14U/16U/18U Qualifiers - July 16-17
    • Monsta Championships 8U/10U - July 21-24
    • 14U/16U/18U States - July 23-24
    • USA Softball Nationals - July 28-July 31
    • First day of tryouts - August 1
    • Monsta Championships 12U/14U/HS - August 4-7
    • Minnesota Softball Fall Ball Meeting - August 11
    • USA Softball Selects - August 12-14
    • 12U All American Games - August 12-14
    • Parade of Champions Event at Target Field - TBD
    • Fall Ball Week 1 - August 20-21
    • Fall Ball Week 2 - August 26-27
    • Fall Ball Week 3 - September 10-11
    • Fall Ball Week 4 - September 17-18
    • Fall State - September 24-25
    • Minnesota Softball Directors Recap Meeting.  Date and Time TBD.

    Shes Just a little Girl

    She's Just a Little Girl


    She stands at the plate with her heart pounding fast;

    The bases are loaded; the die has been cast,

    Mom and Dad can not help her, she stands all alone.

    A hit at this moment would send the team home.

    The ball nears the plate, she swings and she misses.

    There's a groan from the crowd, with some boos and hisses.


    A thoughtless voice cries, "Strike out the bum!"

    Tears fill her eyes; the game's no longer fun.

    Remember - she's just a girl who stands all alone.

    So open your heart and give her a break.

    For it's moments like this a woman you can make.

    Keep this in mind when you hear someone forget.

    She's just a little girl, not a woman yet.


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